Here at ZR Home Solutions, we have the slogan “TRUE TO FORM” that drives what we do.

For us, this means “exactly as expected”, or “just as planned”.

In the residential construction industry, this is almost unheard of. It seems as though nothing goes as expected when renovating. Homeowners are (rightfully) scared of budget and schedule overruns. Surprises are a regular occurrence, and the strain of renovating a home is enough to deter many people from ever considering it.

We have a passion for fighting this stereotype, and providing complete accountability, open transparency, and a guided, enjoyable renovating or building journey.

We recognize that by renovating or building a home, you’re trusting us with what is likely your most valuable financial asset, and the hub of your day to day life. We respect and appreciate this, and strive to provide you with a tried, tested, guided journey that delivers your amazing home, and a guided journey. True to form.


We are excited to serve the Home & Commercial Renovation markets throughout Winnipeg.

You might be looking to finally renovate your kitchen or bathroom into something to be really proud of. Or maybe it’s the dream theater room for great family time watching movies or playing video games. Well, we can say we’ve done that and we can do it for you as well. Why not contact us today!